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Like other members of the Bovidae family, Bos are cloven-hoofed animals with a four chambered stomach. They have a solid stocky build and if any of the breed have been born polled, this has not been bred into the population as all of the Valorn bos proudly bear their horns. They have four toes on each foot and walk on the central two which have grown together to form their hooves.

While there are several populations of Bos in various places throughout Valorn, it is believed that they could interbreed, thus making one main species with various subspecies characteristics. Attempts to convey the bos from one portion of the land to another have so far met with failure. Either the wildlife ate the bos, or the bos killed the handler. With the exception of the Fartown meat bos, the bos are generally fierce and dangerous to various degrees.

The bos near Fartown (thought to be the initial strain) are mostly fed corn, although some may be left to graze freely like the ones in the hills near Dundee and Milltown. This and generations of breeding for meat have left these animals able to return high yield of beef for each weight of grain. They mature early, and their frame fills out at a young age. Ferdinand near Fartown is a splendid example of a meat bos.

Belligerent Bos

The last major grouping of Bos is the herd in the hunting preserve west of Fartown. The bos travel the forest singly and do their best to avoid becoming the prey of the other animals that live there. Recent examination of a Roc nest shows that this is not always possible. These bos are feral, though not as fierce as the bos of the crags.

Bromidic Bos

The herd in the hills near Dundee and Milltown have attracted demonic interest of late. What purpose is being served by these attempts at cattle-rustling is not yet known. So far attempts to cause a stampede into the habited areas have failed. They are occasionally found in sizeable herds as the members group together for mutual protection. These Bos appear closest to the initial strain of meat bos.

Wild Pack Bos

In the granite crags north of Fartown are what seem to be the surviving draft bos from James Deadrocks’ ill-fated expedition. Surviving records indicate that a sizeable number of pack bos were brought along on the expedition. Over time the bos grew quite feral and have bred indiscriminately. This is easily seen from examining the large variation in the bos corpses found there. Only the strongest survive, and they have bred with each other to produce fast and fierce offspring. There is no single confirmation point of the breed.

There is an ongoing debate over the merits of corn-fed versus pasture-raised Bos.

Thin strips of bos meat, lightly charred, and laid on a split loaf of Ethucan flatbread makes a lovely snack. Add sauteed vegetables and melted cheese for an extra treat.


Iron Knight Alfin Slowhand: "Ferdinand is nice enough... the others are a bit skittish."