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Group names

Large groups of creatures are often called a raid or a horde, but for some there are more specific names. Here are a few of them submitted by adventurers specifically for this tome.

Special thanks to the suppliers of those names. (They are indicated in parentheses after the named group of creatures.)

Outfit of Bandits (Scally)
Decay of Corpse Grazers (Sorynn)
Pester of Feisty Gremlins (Sorynn)
Mischief of Gremlins (Damask)
Squabble of Gremlins (Scally)
Fury of Mire Hags (Sorynn)
Murmuration of Moaning Swamp Zombies (Jael)
Stink of Nutrias (Sorynn)
Throttle of Ogres (Scally)
March of Soldier Termites (Bebhinn)
Blizzard of Snow Elementals (Pallas)
Abomination of Yetis (Pallas)