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In more peaceful times, field guides of various types are used by the amateur and professional nature watchers to look up information, keep a life list of creatures seen, and generally aid in species identification. It is hoped that this collection of information may aid both the outdoor enthusiast as well as the dedicated hunter.

Keep a life (and death) list of the creatures you see. The following list covers the various flora and fauna areas of Valorn and Kilican. Creatures that are not found in these two land masses will not be covered in this text. Companion volumes will come out at future times covering demons and N’Rolav creatures and their habitats - after the researchers have recovered sufficiently at the life monuments and the inns.

Demons, Guardians, and creatures displaced by raids are to be considered in a separate reference work. Sedentary demons (not Sedimentary although Mud Demons do fit in this category) that stay in one locale will be listed in this work. Indeed, there is much question in the field as to whether or not many of them are true demons or named that way by laypeople. Nature abounds with mimics and as of this writing it has not been conclusively proven one way or the other. Either way, it appears they have achieved enough of a breeding population to be considered at the very least an invasive species with a firm toehold.

In the following list, creatures are listed by area. Special thanks to the reference works of RoK and CSB for this listing. When checking off creatures on your life list, please remember they may appear in several distinct areas. It is not ‘cheating’ on your list to clear a creature from all the areas, even if you saw it first in another.

In subsequent pages they will be grouped by overall families followed by species and subspecies. Not all of the same family (see arachnid for example) live in the same area nor frequent the same diet. Unfortunately, most of the creatures of Valorn find humans (sub species Adventurous) a fine addition to their diets. Due to this, it is difficult to fully explore their diets and lairs in great detail. When possible, statements from adventurers and literary references will be used.

[OOC note: The following information is game derived at its base with some reflection as to real life creatures as well. Please do not take what is written here as endorsed or supported by the administration of Dark Grimoire. In other words, I made much of this up using what is in DG as a basis.]