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Corpse Grazers

The Giant Corpse Grazers in the Dead Zone are known to have lesser kin in NíRolav (See Field Guide Ė NíRolav for further details). It may well be that the amount and variety of corpses they have access to in the Dead Zone have enabled them to grow to the greater size that they have achieved or the dark magic that permeates the area may have enabled this greater growth. Conversely, the NíRolav subspecies may be stunted and if provided with proper diet might equal their dead zone kin.

The theory of Grazers being the surface dwelling variation of Tomb Wretches has yet to be proved or disproved. Grazers being a warped subspecies of humans has also neither been proven nor disproved. Further data collection will need to be done; however, the last two exploratory teams have not returned as of the publication of this guide.


Sorynn: They too are is difficult to speak of them and...the things they do. I do know that to see them defiling the dead is...nightmarishly horrific.