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Elementals: Wood

Currently there is only one known creature of Elemental: Wood. It is found in the mill near Milltown.

Enraged Dryad

As of this document, the only Dryads that have been seen have been irked, upset and generally enraged. Unlike with other species (the bears in the Dark Forest north of Dundee for example), it is unknown if a more peaceful dryad might be easier to deal with.

The Enraged Dryad has only been observed in the opened wood mill of Milltown. There she (so far only females of the species have been recorded to date) can be found lingering near the stacks of cut wood or in the mill itself. Knowledge of any breeding population or other habitat is unknown as of this time.

Tales have been told of bonds between Dryads and their trees. While this has not been proven, the fact is the Dryads seem a connection with the wood. It is due to these tales that the Dryad is currently listed as an Elemental Creature of Wood. If more research indicates otherwise; this listing will change.


Eraz El-Ghul: “They weren't especially difficult to overcome, but what was with all the Moss Tea and Journals?”

Chanilsa : “I've met the dryads. We didn't see eye to eye. They’re at the site of a lot of tree brutalization maybe to stop anyone from starting the mill up again?”

Calla: “I think the dryads may have a reason to be as angry as they appear. We placed large piles of wood all over their home, you would be mad if someone did that in a place you called your own.”