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Mutant Beast-Thing

The creatures of the wastelands and the formations of the Black Wasteland probably deserve their own book, but an attempt shall be made to address them here. Most fall into the uncategorizable grouping. This is a cause of great frustration for any who like to organize things. However, the attempt will be made.

The Mutant Beast thing is difficult to classify except in the broadest sense. Each one appears different from the next, except all have sharp teeth of reasonable length. Merchants will pay a great deal for these teeth as they can be used for scrimshaw, ornamental work, and even for making leather punching tools.

It may be that the Mutant Beast-Thing is comprised of a variety of parent species, and each individual creature reflects this differently. Coloration, size, and movement all differ. Up to the date of this writing, all of them have four limbs and a head as well as fur – thus they could be tentatively classified as mammals; however, there is more to learn about them.

No occasion of mating or social interaction has been observed between Mutant Beast things, but they do roam most of the wastelands. No evidence of offspring has yet been found although it may be that there is a nursery somewhere that has not yet been discovered. Although at times large numbers of Black Wastelands creatures gather, it does not serve any purpose that researchers have been able to classify.


Macha: “When I did train on them, I couldn't wait to get away from them, they were big, smelly, ugly, and they bit rather hard if you were not careful. They could be rather cunning if they teamed up with the monstrosities.”

Twombly Altorf: “They give the best reward if you collect the teeth and turn them in to Haggie...”

Mattias Foxglove: “They are a goodly prize.”