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Sea Titan

Massive and waterloving, this carnivorous creature is found only in or near aquatic environments. Currently the only examples of this species are found near Fartown living with the Sea Dwellers there. This has given rise to the thought that these creatures may serve dual purposes as guards and creatures of burden for longer sea trips.

The long neck means a Sea Titan can strike in a wide radius either in front or to the side with little difficulty. Some have described back strikes as well although as of this time the author cannot verify those reports

Sea Titans have a wide body with a short tail and wide flippers. The skin is thick, but mostly smooth to the touch. It is believed that they give birth to live young; however, as this has not been witnessed it is currently just speculation. Their sheer size and bulk would appear to preclude egg laying. Further study would be required to get a definitive answer.

Their diet appears to consist of fish and members of Adventurous who come too close. Worn down stones have been found in their digestive tracts leading one to believe that they serve some type of digestive purpose similar to that of birds and some other reptiles.


Asrai: "They are soggy looking and smell like rotten sea weed."