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Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoths are currently found only in the hunting preserve lands to the west of Fartown. It is unknown if there are any other groups of this species anywhere else in Trinald.

Mammoths are large and appear ponderous. The Mammoth is an herbivore with long, dense hair and underfur, large ears, a long flexible nose (trunk), and long tusks. Both the males and the females had tusks. Although slow and ponderous appearing, they can reach respectable speeds when enraged and charging. Specimens have been known to reach between 9 and 15 feet in height and weigh up to 3 tons. The trunk is flexible and able to pick up items and perform various tasks.

They have a thick coat with the hair being up to three feet in length with a fine, warm undercoat. From the amount of hair found in portions of the preserve known to be inhabited by the Mammoths it is known that they molt to some extant in the spring. While the hide of the Mammoth itself makes a fine cloak, the possibility of spinning Mammoth wool has not yet been explored. It could be a new cottage industry for the area.

Their tusks are up to 16 feet long and sharply curved. During the winter, Wooly Mammoths have been observed to use the tusks to clear snow away from their preferred brush. The ivory in the tusks is a prized commodity for those who carve and make scrimshaws. It has also been found used in the fretwork of some of the zithers and other musical instruments.


Lowrenzo: I think mayhap they wouldn'a be s'mean if ever body dinna try an slay'em all o' the time!

Pallas: If you wish to know what I think of them ... they're mean, moody, murderous - and magnificent."